About Us

Who We Are

Granted its charter and accreditation by the state of Texas in 1998, Positive Solutions Charter School meets all standards and requirements applicable to public schools in our great state. Our curriculum allows for individualized instruction and accelerated learning for all students.

Positive Solutions Charter School, an open enrollment charter high school, offers grades 9th – 12th and provides instruction for either a high school diploma or GED using an individualized education plan and individualized instruction.

Our Mission

In a collaborative effort, Positive Solutions Charter School is committed to welcoming and serving students from diverse backgrounds and academic levels. Our teachers and staff are dependable and flexible in ensuring that all students are respected and empowered in achieving their goals, while celebrating successes, big and small. Our promise is to always remain compassionate and maintain a safe environment.

Our Core Values

Positive Solutions Charter School has adopted the following 10 core values, which ensures that we deliver on our promises to our students, as well as their parents/guardians.
Welcoming – We embrace students from all academic levels and diverse backgrounds.
Commitment – We are committed to ensuring our students receive a quality education to better their lives and situations.
Dependable – We are dependable and accountable for one another; staff, teachers, students, and parents alike.
Flexibility – We promote flexibility in hours, coursework, and classroom management giving the students individualized instruction and attention as needed.
Collaborative – We are an inclusive and collaborative group from all backgrounds, embracing diversity, talents, and growth efforts.
Respectful – We are respectful and treat others the way we want to be treated.
Empower – We empower students, staff, and teachers to share life experiences, to be heard, recognized, and treated equally.
Safe – Our priority is to maintain a safe and nurturing environment.
Successful – We celebrate all successes, big and small.
Compassion – We provide a compassionate and caring environment for all who enter our doors.

Our Vision

To encourage and teach all students to attain a high school diploma to help them enroll in college or acquire training that will enable them to enter the workforce improving their future with the assistance of all stakeholders.